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Description:   This project is developed by diamonds for Sela Technology Solutions (India) private Limited for their Diamond program.

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Kid Games in Java KidGames project is publishing a jigsaw puzzle game written in Java. The main goal, behind entertainment, is to be able to easily change the image and set different game levels. Other games should be published later.

Linear Math Java Library Java library that implements linear algebra operations: matrix operations (addition, substraction, multiplication, transposing, determinant of matrix , inversion, rank of matrix); linear equations system solving. implements full range of matrix operationslinear equations system solverbased on fast algorithms (Gauss method): operation of determinant, matrix rank calculation ...

MSMQ to JAVA Project related to provide a bridge between the JAVA and MSMQ.This project is just the bridge between MSMQ and JMS (JAVA). Based on JNI concept which helps to create a DLL by using Visual C++. The java methods calls the C++ class which is used ...

Magellan for Java This package is a development package for Java to use Logitech Magellan (Space Mouse) on Java platforms.

MPJ Express: Parallel Computing for Java MPJ Express is an implementation of an MPI-like APIa€”standardized by the Java Grande foruma€”used to write parallel Java applications, which can execute on a variety of parallel platforms ranging from multicore processors to compute clusters/clouds. Reference implementation of the mpiJava 1.2 API, which was standardized ...

Mame Java Environment MAJE is a Mame frontend for Un*x xmame and command line mame for dos and windows written in Java. It\'s fast and full featured.

Micro Java Plugin Framework mjpf is a lightweight and flexible Java framework for plugin-based application development. It is a small Java API that provides a minimal set of primitives supporting runtime extension of pre-existing java app. Realized by Andrea Sindico & AUCOM Srl.

MoodleRest Java Library Java library for access to Moodle's web services via the REST protocol(30/03/2012 A newer version (V0.1.5) to work with Moodle 2.2 has been uploaded. Although still requires more documentation (better than it was) etc... Calls to create and update users now provides facilities to add ...

Open Optimization for Java The Open Optimization for Java provides a framework and the implementation of commonly-used algorithms found in Graph Theory and Network Optimization, e.g. shortest path and postman problem.

OpenGL Wrapper for Java CNI This wrapper implements OpenGL support for gcj compiled Java software. Current classes being implemented are gnu.cni.opengl, gnu.cni.glu, gnu.cni.glut. Help or suggestions are appreciated!

Seismic A Super Mario Bros. style sidescroller game developed alongside a 2D Engine/Framework with modularity and portability in mind. Certain area's of the code are still being prototyped and developed. The code will soon be made available.

Select It! SQL editor for Oracle, MS-SQL, CA-Ingres, InterBase, Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. Table structures, indexes, exec. plans! Syntax highlight. CTRL+Space: commands and tables. Creates SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE. In english, french or portuguese.

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